About us


About Us

Vedic plaster is a start-up, presently we have a registered fully equipped office and a workplace of 835 sq. yards equipped with manufacturing, packaging, storage and supply facilities in Rohtak (Haryana). As soon as possible we get suitable partners/dealer or distributors, we are going to expand it all over India.

Benefits of Vedic Plaster

  • As no curing is required it saves thousands of liters of water.
  • Save Electricity which was required to pump water while curing cement plaster.
  • It’s a thermal insulator so keeps your building cooler in summer & hotter in winters. So electric bill for cooling or heating of building will reduce permanently.
  • Gypsum is sound proof, heat proof and fire proof.
  • Gypsum and cow dung both protect from radiations.
  • Give Natural fragrance in house.
  • Attach cow to economy.

Our Team

Team images

Pardeep Kumar Beniwal

Marketing Head

Team images

Navneetan Rana

Legal Head

Team images

Manoj Kumar Doot

Plant Incharge
Vedic Natural Paint/Color

Team images

Pardeep Mehra

Plant Incharge Vedic Plaster
Bikaner (Rajasthan)

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Vani Goyal

Human Resources